Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Here it is barely 8 AM in the morning and already Connor has been sent to his room for back talking. He wanted cereal this AM and when I gave it to him he proceeded to eat only the blueberries out of it and tell me he is done. Then demanded I read him a story. I told him to finish his cereal..."I'm not finishing anything until you read me a story". Needless to say I told him to finish or there would be no story....him...""I guess I just won't eat all day then"....GRRRR.

Why are kids so mouthy? Why is he testing me like this? I have guilt (see below) and then he does this which makes me angry. I got a book out the library, "What Kindergarten Teachers Know" which is billed as "practical and playful ways for parents to help children listen, learn and cooperate at home". I haven't started to read it yet since I just picked it up yesterday.
The thing is that people tell me how good he is at school, physical therapy, and Sunday school. Why can't he be good like that for me. I know he has moments with others. He had a total meltdown on the slopes with his ski instructor last Sunday. But the time before that he did awesome. Here we are talking about Kindergarten and I can't even get him to listen at home....sigh. I am sure most kids are like this, but it is still frustrating.

I would like to spend more time with him one on one, but both my boys are mom's boys. When I am sitting with one the other comes and bugs us until we include him. The fighting ensues....that is a topic for another time. I need to go get ready to start our day.

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