Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cheapskate that I am....I do have to brag

My best friend is pregnant and not only is she pregnant, she is going to have a GIRL!!!! She is 20 weeks along and everyone couldn't be more excited since we all have boys. Now, I love my boys, but there is just something about buying pink and frilly...

Anyway, the above pictures are my latest e-bay find...I love shopping in the off season when you can score deals like this...10 outfits and this lady counts outfits, not pieces for $13.75 including shipping. Just over $1.30 each, which I think is a STEAL!!!! Of course some people have a thing with used clothes, but not I (most of my boys clothes are re-sale/e-bay/ or craigslist or are gifts) and I really don't think Katie will either. You can't find prices that low in the re-sale shops. The only prices I have seen lower are at Value Village on 99 cent Monday's...and I am not into draging my kids around a store and looking over everything three times. Yes, you take a chance on e-bay that the person is honest, but after using it for 8 + years, I have only had 1 problem and the person corrected it right away. So, Katie, I hope your little girl likes these clothes because she is stuck with them now...LOL

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