Sunday, May 26, 2019

2019 Color Block - March, April & May

Life has sure been busy!  The Snow Storms of February meant extra hours needed to be worked in March, April, and I finally finished them in May.  On top of that I did a 5 week almost full time substitute position at my son's middle school.

Here are the blocks for:




Monday, February 4, 2019

2019 Color Block of the Month - February

This month I am a rebel....a color see, I have two boys and I just don't own a lot of pink fabric.  When I looked at Jen's color listing I noticed that there was only 1 pink month.  Remembering that  I wanted to have things a bit more cohesive I went in search of a different color.    The color inspiration for February was a carnation and there were tons of images on Pinterest.  I looked for one that was a yellow because yellow was another color that only had one month.  I also wasn't in love with the pattern, so I tried three colors to highlight the center pinwheel to see if I could add a bit of interest.

Here are my inspiration pictures:

Here is my block based on these colors (it is hard to see, but the pinwheel has just the slightest bit of orange):

Saturday, January 19, 2019

2019 Color Block of the Month - January

I had so much fun doing the 2018 Color Block of the Month by Patterns By Jen that I decided to do it again.  So.....2019 Color Block of the Month Challenge here I come!  This time Jen is using flowers as her inspiration.  I had so much fun creating a Pinterest board with inspiration for this year's quilt.  I even asked Santa to bring me a new pack of fat quarters to help me along.  I think I want to try to make this quilt a little more cohesive when it comes to color selection.

January's inspiration was Bells of Ireland:

Here is my block....and yes, I did switch things up.  Someone on the Facebook Group switched their colors so that the dark was the background and I thought that would be an interesting challenge/look so I decided to do the same.

Monday, December 31, 2018

2018 Color Block of the Month - Top Completed

Well, I actually did it.  I have the top completed for the 2018 Color Block of the month by Patterns by Jen.  I wasn't 100% sure that I would like this given that some of the blocks were not my favorites and I was completely fine with finishing it and then donating it somewhere.  However, once I started to put the black sashing in, the quilt came to life and the colors blended so well.  It will be off to the long arm quilter soon!

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

December Color BOM - Black/White

This is the last month of the 2018 Color Block of the Month by Patterns by Jen.  The colors for the month of December were Black and White.  This month I chose the pattern by Jen which can be found here.  However, I didn't want to use solid white or black because I was pretty sure that I was going to use those colors in the final setting for sashing and borders.  So I modified the pattern a bit to fit the scraps of black, gray, and white that I had.  Here is the block I created:

When I first finished the block, I didn't like it at all!  But once I got it with all the other blocks and put some black sashing near the block, it started to look a whole lot better....more on that to come once I finish the top!

Friday, November 23, 2018

November Color Block of the Month - Blue/Green

Normally I use one of two designers taking part in the 2018 Color Block of the Month, but this month I really wasn't all that crazy about either design.  I am toying with blocks for my last quilt on my yearly quilt goal list.  So, I decided to make my test block out of the Blue/Green fabrics I had and use it as the November block. Here is the result:

What do you think?

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

October Color BOM - Blue/Purple

Coming on the heels of September when the color was Red/Purple, this month's color challenge was indeed that...a challenge.  I was thinking blueberry colors....blues so dark they looked purple.  I definitely had some help with the fabrics this month.  A huge shout-out to my friend, Molly, for providing half of the fabric for this month's challenge.  Here is the block:

The designer of this month's block is Jen from Patterns by Jen and you can find it here.  You can find out more about the color challenge in general here.  Now, when you look at the directions and my block you might see a little divergence....well, I found the directions to be a tad confusing and I would label the fabrics A, B, C, & D instead of trying to rely on your memory as to which fabric was which shade of blue/purple.  While I like the block and am not taking it out to put fabrics in the correct place, I think it would have been better had I followed the directions exactly.  What do you think?