Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Over the course of the last week we have been exploring reasons why Connor has been having major melt downs and problems in class. We have gone to the pediatrician and she has recommended testing to rule out ADD and ADHD by Dr. Robert Miller, she does NOT think he has this, but is unsure if there is another underlying cause. I can tell you this has caused me many sleepless nights, wondering if I somehow did something wrong. Part of the reason for sending him to Pre-K was to allow him more time to grow socially and emotionally. To some extent I am not sure he has grown. We have been having disruptions in class when we leave an area to do other things and then try to come back and when we are playing side by side and another person tries to take what we perceive is ours. That in and of himself is not totally unusual, but the way he instantly gets mad and starts screaming at the top of his lungs is. It is not that he doesn't respect the teachers authority, but rather doesn't know how to talk and work it out with the other kids.

Even though we have two kids he does still have his own seperate toy room where Lego's that are too small for Wyatt are kept. I am sure this is a factor, as is the point that when I get mad, I do yell. I am really trying to work on this, but it is hard. Another point is that the girls next door are older and probably not the ideal playmates. My life is a lot easier when they haven't been around for a couple of days.

I sure hope this is normal growing pains and that we are worrying for nothing

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