Friday, January 9, 2009

Can I cry yet?

My feet hurt.

I am so disappointed. I finally got the new Born shoes I had ordered and you guess it, they don't fit. They are NOT wide enough. I am so bummed. Now I have to send them back and pay shipping, unless my mom decides she wants them. They are so cute, black leather, Mary Jane style...$50 including the shipping...size 7.5 if anyone wants them.

I went to REI yesterday to get my ski boots fixed. $275 later we have some that the guy punched out, but when I was wearing them in the store they still started to hurt after 20 minutes. It felt somewhat like my foot was being pushed in and the middle of my foot was being pushed up. Does that make any sense to anyone? He told me that if these weren't big enough he would have to punch out the other side, but he didn't want to do that because it could weaken the arch....sigh. I am supposed to wear them here at home for 2 hours and then go back. Not only that, but while he was punching out my boot he got a hole in it and had to fix it with epoxy. Not sure how I really feel about that. He told me that the problem was not my EE feet, but the fat calf that I have.

Can you do exercises to slim down your calf? I got to tell you that I am feeling pretty low about myself right now. I know I am heavy and I have been working out at the gym fairly consistently 3 times a week, but I am going no where. I know I eat sweets when I am stressed and Ryan gone for 5 weeks, plus being stranded for 2 with the snow didn't help, but.....

Back to the gym I go for water aerobics this morning.

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