Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weight Watchers & Gym

So I am doing it. Hopefully this time for good. Did you notice there were not many pictures of me in the scrapbooking page...well, my fat butt is just too fat. I am in a size 14, which I didn't think was too terrible, don't lie. There is no way I am going to get into shorts when we head back to CHI on June 24th. So after the inspiration of my friend Molly who lost 40 lbs in 8 months, Kristin who has lost 10 in the last couple of weeks, my sister who has lost 5 in two weeks and my mom who has lost 8 in the last two weeks, I pulled out my stuff and started writing things down...NO MORE ICE CREAM!!!!

Now to just get the gym settled. My contract is up on April 15th with Gold's in Woodinville. I LOVE the kids staff, but at $50 a month for unlimited it is doubling what my membership costs per month. I LOVE the water aerobics instructors too. My options...LA Fitness, has pool with aerobics at 8 am and 9 am...neither time works right now, but next year the 9 am will work. The year after that it won't really work due to times when Wyatt will be in school (scary thought). Now I have heard from people that the day care is $20 a month unlimited, but that they don't take that good of care of newborns (which isn't important right now). I think they just had $39.99 per month + $149 joining ($12.42) = $52.41 no savings in cost of actual membership, but about $30 in daycare membership savings.

Then there is 24 hour fitness in Silver Lake. While it seems far, it is probably no further than I am driving now to Woodinville. Tina says the facility is AWESOME and she I think pays $29.99 a month for membership and their daycare is $40 for a 20 time punch card. I would be going approx 4 times a week, so it would last 5 weeks...saving at least $10 a month, plus whatever the membership cost savings is...if I could get $29.99 a month it would be $20 a month savings, for a total savings of $30 a month. Not a huge amount, so is it worth switching?


  1. You should call them and say you are looking for a new gym and see if they offer a freebie week for you to try them out. I have learned it is better to try them out before making a decision. And you deserve a double "YOU GO GIRL!" "YOU GO GIRL!"

  2. I used 24 hr in Lynnwood when I was going to the gym. I was happy with them and the kids loved the kids club. But slowly I stopped going and ended up cancelling. Dan bought me an elliptical machine for my birthday (thats what I wanted) and I love being able to use it at home. We got a good deal and in the end it was about what I would have paid for my gym membership for a year. I'm not big into the weight training end of things and all I was using was the elliptical so it made sense for us.

    Hope you find a gym that you enjoy. Good luck with the weight loss. I haven't worked out for close to a month now and can feel it in my energy levels. Luckily I haven't gained back any of the weight I lost yet. I cant wait till we get up there and settled so I can start working out again!