Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Well, I did it. I decided. I decided to renew my membership with Gold's gym. I will tell you why, it is really very simple...diaper rash. I went TWO days to LA Fitness and both days when I picked him up he was poopy. I could smell him as I approached him. I guess that so many parents were yelling at them that they have just quit calling parents unless the kid is oozing out his diaper and clothes. On top of that, they take who ever walks through the door. They have no ratios for the kids that they maintain. The one day there were 23 kids to 3 staff. The other day there were 20. However, I did like the LA Fitness classes and once Wyatt is potty trained and we decided if we are going to have another, I could totally see me switching.

Cord at Gold's gym was such a pain to deal with. Very hard nosed and completely unwilling to work with me. I got an o.k. deal. They didn't raise my rate, I am still at 49.99 a month + the $50 a month day care, but they did throw in 3 personal training sessions. Which is really 2 since the first one just takes care of the paperwork and measurements and such. I would really like to have gotten 4 or even 6 out of them, but I seriously doubt I could have pushed it that far since he pretty much knew that LA's daycare sucked. So for another year I am here and we shall see where we go from there.

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  1. You GO GIRL!!!! I think it is awesome you signed back up. I am sorry you have to deal with a prick to get it done but, I am proud of you for doing it!