Thursday, April 9, 2009

Heidi is COMING HOME!!!!!

Good news! They are discussing discharge with me today, depending results of her eye exam. She was found to have level 1 stage ROP (the way the blood vessels form on the retina), so she will be sent home on oxygen. The eye exam will determine if her eyes are improving or getting worse. If getting worse she might be in the hospital a little longer.

Yesterday she failed her hearing test, but you talk to her she responds to your voice. The doctors think it was incorrect and she was picking up background noise from her oxygen, so they are going to try the test again today. She needs a Head ultrasound and an MRI to ensure everything is still good; her first test results were fine when taken at week 2.

She is off the feeding tube and is being fed when she wants as much as she wants. The little bugger took 2 oz's her first time off the schedule. That is up from the 1 and a third oz she took every three hours.

She is up to 5 lbs. 13ozs. So, if they can squeeze her ultrasound and MRI in today or tomorrow and she does well on her eye exam she might be home at Easter! If not sometime next week.

Her room is at least painted (pink of course), I have to quickly do the paint around the trim of her new windows and hang her shelves. Her rocking Chair should be in on the 11th, I'm hoping it is in before she comes home but I would be happy just to have her home.

I have to go and buy crib sheets this weekend and I am hoping Thor paints his cradle and fixes the bottom board, so I can set that up. I also have to get her a toy box so I can paint it; not a show stopper but I don't think I'll have time once she arrives to do it. My sister is coming in this weekend and we are having a marathon sewing session to get her crib bedding and drapes all finished. I also still have to shampoo the rest of the carpets in the house so they are nice and clean.

My shower was cancelled, so I have to scramble to get at least the basics to bring her home. So I really have to bear down and determine what I need, even though I really have no clue as to what is. My mom is getting my car seat on Friday and is going to bring her home in the van, since my Mini is still broken and is the only car we have that I feel comfortable putting a car seat in.


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