Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dear Sukie

This all started because my brother wants a Christmas I used to have all my shopping done by the start of Nov. That was before kids. Now, it is Internet shopping baby. I love Etsy and all the unique things you can get on there. Anyway, I was looking for a new wallet because mine is getting rather old and yucky and I came across Dear Sukie. These are the cutest wallets I have seen in a long time. Now, she has no idea who I am, but I want to tell you all to go check them out...$8 for a ID/Card holder and less than $3 shipping. She is definitely going on my list to my brother.


  1. Great find! those are cute. I got a custom from here that I LOVE!

  2. way cute Jen...putting them on my list to look at closer