Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pep Talk Needed

I need a pep talk. This really has nothing to do with my One Little Word Authentic, but....I am in charge of my kids school auction and each school family is required to donate $$ toward the auction either in the form of actual $ or getting a business to donate. These donations were due before Christmas. A month has passed since they were due and I had to send a letter to the people who did not turn theirs in. I got back a hate filled, name calling, unprofessional e-mail... from a set of parents. To make matters worse these parents used the husbands rank in the military as a bully/intimidation tactic to make them seem more important. I tried to stand up and say that there was nothing wrong with my letter (even has my COO relative read it) and this was bullying. I was told to back off by both the PTO president and the principal. Why is it that even though I didn't do anything wrong I am still the loser here? Why do people like this get away this things like this? I am so mad at them and at myself because for the first 24 hours I really did think I did something wrong. I realized I didn't, so I got my ducks in a row to present that I didn't and now I feel again like I did something wrong. I am trying to be the bigger person here and tell myself to move on and just create the most wonderful event despite these people, but it is hard. Any advice?

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