Sunday, January 5, 2014

Fears and Dreams

My fears...

... not being liked as I open up and being ridiculed (yes, I know I shouldn’t care what other think, but is anyone ever able to do this???)

... losing the people who I would like as inner circle friends because they don't like the authentic me

... not being able to open up with my husband or kids about what I would really like and would make me happy

... not being able to find the things that make me happy

... being so stressed that I quit and clam up again

... not finding the authentic me

I dream about...

... maybe making a friend who I can call when I am in need that doesn’t live 2,000+ miles away

... connecting with my kids to become a fun and lovable mom

... falling deeper in love with  my husband

... learning new things (scrapbooking, photography, crafts)

... finally putting the experiences that hurt me in my past.

... our trip across the country back to the Midwest this summer

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