Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mini Vacation - Falls View Falls on the Quilcene River

Our first stop after the ferry was Falls View Falls located on the Quilcene River. We hiked this trail with Wyatt in the backpack and Connor walking and my parents (early 50's) on a cool, but sunny day. The trail was a bit muddy. Going down the inital decent we ran into a man who told us to watch out for a wolf located across the bridge. We were able to see some wolf/big cat tracks and deer/moose/elk tracks on the trail, as well as some scat and other droppings, but thankfully never ran into any animals. There were a few small blowdowns on the trail, but for the most part it was clear. It was an relatively easy 1.2 mile hike that our 5 year old was able to do without problem. I would however recommend bringing a camelbak because we did need water and were not prepared. Even though the river was flowing right along, I would venture to guess that the spring run off has not really started yet. It wasn't until we were coming back that we actually spotted the falls. We did have to park at the entrace to the campground as it is still closed and walk in, but it was a very easy walk. However, there are no bathroom facilities that are open. Peeing in the woods was a very unique and cold experience that I really don't wish to repeat anytime soon...but I guess it is par for the course when you hike. After hiking the 1.2 miles we found the short 0.1 mile upper view "trail". I am almost glad that we did hike as I think it made us appreciate the falls more.

I am blogging about this kind of in a helter skelter order so as not to forget things. This will make it easier for me when I scrapbook this trip.

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