Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Low Sugar Strawberry Jam

Picking your strawberries.  Here is my friend Nancy picking.  I picked 6 flats of organic strawberries at Bolles Organic Farm.

Aren't they pretty.  Wash them up, and then stem and hull them.  Then crush them up.


Place lids in warm water to help soften rubber.

Place water in your canner and start to heat up.

Cast of characters:
Splenda or  Sugar

More Characters:
8 oz jars
package of SUGAR FREE/LOW SUGAR Pectin

Last of Characters:
Bowl to mash strawberries
Potato Masher
Canning accessory kit - I bought mine at Fred Meyer

Boil fruit and then place in jars.  Remember to leave head space.

So pretty when they come out of the canner

Sugar Free Strawberry Jam

3 c strawberries (approx 3 pints)
3/4 c water
1 box low sugar fruit pectin
1/2 c splenda or sugar

Bring boiling water canner, half full with water to a simmer.  Pour boiling water over flat lids in saucepan and turn off heat.  Let stand in hot water until ready to use.

Stem and crush strawberries; place 3 cups of the crushed strawberries in 6-8 quart sauce pot.  Stir in water.  Add pectin, stirring until well blended.

Bring mixture to full rolling boil (boil that doesn't stop when stirred) on high heat, stirring constantly.  Box 1 minute, stirring constantly.  Add Splenda or sugar.  Skim off foam if desired.

Ladle into jar, filling to 1/8 inch of the top.  Wipe jar rims and threads.  Cover with lids and rings.  Tighten rings until finger tip tight.  Place jar in canner.  Water must cover jars by 1-2 inches.  Add more water if necessary.  Cover and bring to a boil.

Once boiling, process for 10 minutes.  Remove jars and place upright on towel to cool completely.  I also cover with towel.  After jars cool, check seals by pressing middle of lid with finger. (if lid springs back, lid is not sealed and you must refrigerate).

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