Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

This year, I am going to try the following:
1. Continue to try and get in shape and eat right (action=20/20 program)
2. To read one non-fiction book a month (action = get list going at library)
3. Try a new craft at least once a quarter (action = see "crafts" favorites folder)
4. To make time to craft once a month (action = set time on calendar)
5. To try again to send one snail mail a month (action = make cards & set recipient)
Out of all of these, #4 & #5 will be the most difficult. If you remember last year I made #5 a goal too....I got through the first half of the month, but summer came and it fell by the wayside. I am hoping by making the cards and putting in my calendar that I can do better at this.

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