Thursday, August 13, 2009

Really, really bad layout



  1. What if you put the photos in some type of grid arrangement? Make the main photo of all the kids larger (5x7 maybe?) and frame it with the other pix going around it (3 in a row above and three in a row below the main photo). And I would choose a coordinating solid paper to use as a mat under the large mat to fit all of the photos. Then the patterned paper won't be so distracting, but will still be visible from behind the photo mat. And I would make the title larger. Play with the placement of it after you have the photos and photo mat all set.

    It's hard to tell without playing with the layout myself, but those are my suggestions for where to start. Right now, the photos feel like they are being swallowed up by the busy background paper.

  2. Thanks Lisa, I may just start over with the layout. I was trying to use the template from last weeks challenge and it just isn't going to work.