Tuesday, July 28, 2009


So, yesterday Connor starts screaming around 11:45 telling me he hurt his eye. I tell him just to close it for a minute and it will quit hurting. 30 minutes later he tells me that it still hurts. I call the eye doctor and they are out for lunch. 45 minutes later I call back and they tell me to bring him in. He is in such pain that they put in numbing drops and get him to open his eye enough to see that there is some sort of scratch on his eye. Go home, put eye drops in every 2 hours and come back tomorrow (today).

Today we went back to the eye doctor. He was able to open his eye for a longer time. They were able to take a good look at the eye. He has a very large and deep scratch right in the center of his eye. Worst case is that he will lose his sight in that eye. Next worse is that they would have to do some sort of surgery, again with the chance of some sight loss. I know she was telling me worst case, but it is still very scary.

We go back tomorrow morning for another check. Hopefully it will be much improved.

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