Saturday, February 28, 2009

Furniture Stores

How frustrating can finding one twin bed be? Well, I am here to tell you, very frustrating. We stopped by Greenbaum's Outlet Center to find a double bed with storage drawers under it for $1000 by the time we do mattress and box springs. To boot, it was made of particle board (at least the drawers). Then we went to Stupid Prices...they had NOTHING. Plus, they are closing their Woodinville Store. We came home and I looked up Designer Furniture Warehouse in Snohomish....they are closing too. Craigslist people have nothing good and those that look good are from full priced dealers (see pic at right which wants $400 for the bed only, no mattresses)...I just want a bed for Connor, so I can move his bed into Wyatt's!!!
So, where or where have the furniture stores gone or where oh where can they be.

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